HA_LOGO_2015Houston Azerbaijanis is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of friendship between the United States and Azerbaijan through cultural, educational, social and charitable activities in the Houston metropolitan area.

The above statement based on the following objectives:

  • To encourage, promote and disseminate culture as a contribution to the dialogue between cultures. Support and increase number  of cultural activities, like concerts, exhibitions, festivals, galas and etc. in order to preserve cultural heritage and support the goals stated above.
  • Support and increase number of lectures, workshops and presentations to improve awareness of Azerbaijani culture and its  achievement in the field of art, music and science. Educate on the  Azerbaijani culture and traditions at any possible venue.
  • Support and increase the number of social gatherings in the Houston metropolitan area to improve the channels of communications among existing members, attract more members and actively involve non-Azerbaijani population in the implementation of the goals stated above.
  • Provide active financial or material help to individuals or organizations to feel the goal stated above.
  • Create a larger civil, responsible and jointly shared awareness in the society and in particular among the young people.      Increase youth participation in the goals stated above.
  • Actively communicate with other organizations: government and non-profit to succeed in the implementation of the above      stated goals. Accelerate dialogues with local oil, construction and etc. companies that have presence in Azerbaijan.


We started in 2004 as a social group. We participate in many cultural and educational projects related to the Azerbaijani community in Houston. We collaborate with the Azerbaijan Society of America, American Turkish Association and a number of other Azerbaijani organizations in the United States . Our Board members were among those who organized the participation of Azerbaijanis in Turkish Festivals  many years and actively participated in the enrichment of the cultural landscape of Houston. Members of our group organized many celebrations including Novruz and Azerbaijan Independence Day.

We anticipate many future activities including movie nights, social gatherings, poetry nights, special topic presentations, folk dance performances, art exhibitions, concerts and the celebration of Azerbaijani national holidays and festivals.




Charitable – generous in gifts to aid the indigent, ill or helpless

Philanthropy – an altruistic concern for human being as manifested by donations of money, property or work to needy persons or to institutions advancing human welfare.

Goal – the result or achievement toward which efforts directed or aimed

Objective – something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish